Low-Cost Duplex House Design in Bangladesh

There is a great demand for low-cost duplex houses in Bangladesh. This is because people want to live in a single dwelling but have the benefit of having their own space. Duplex houses provide this, as they are basically two dwellings situated side-by-side. They are also popular in countries with a high population density, as […]

Best Architectural firm in Bangladesh

Now and then, we come across an architectural firm in Bangladesh. An architectural firm is a place where people can make the initial design of their constructions. So frankly speaking, every architectural firm does the same thing. But what differentiates the best architectural firms from the rest of the firm? The answer is quite simple […]

Building Design in Bangladesh

Building Design in Bangladesh

Your home is a lifetime resident. As you are today, your family will not be as many as you are tomorrow. Will change So Building Design in Bangladesh with Future in mind. Today, your toddler may want to have a separate computer room or a chat room tomorrow. The bedroom and bathroom are just for […]

fire safety plan in bangladesh

Fire Safety Plan in Bangladesh

In winter, the fires are relatively high in Bangladesh. So at this time, the fire safety plan in Bangladesh should raise awareness. The flames that occur in homes, shops, and factories are mostly due to lack of awareness. When if your house fire is set on fire, can your employee or your family be able […]

solar system in bangladesh

Best solar system in Bangladesh

If you trying to find the solar system in Bangladesh? Then we are your best partner for this service. We offer star panels service in Bangladesh for a protracted time. Solar panels are a good technique for changing light-weight (DC electricity) into usable energy (AC electricity). With such a lot of ways for generating electricity […]

Energy audit firm in Bangladesh

Professional Energy Audit firm usually go in nice detail to assess your home’s energy use. The energy auditor can do a room-by-room examination of the residence. Still as a radical examination of past utility bills. Several skilled energy audits can embody a blower door take a look at. Most will embody a thermographic scan. There […]

Building Construction Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Best Construction Company in Bangladesh Are you Looking best Building Construction Company in Bangladesh? Your home is quite simply a bit of a freshly made building. It’s your home, your cover, whenever you want to escape from stress and pressure smacking. This is an additional area where you create long memories with your family […]