Electrical Safety in Bangladesh:

The following activities and sequences will be followed in this project:

  • Modification & review the as-built drawing.
  • Develop and deployment of the NFPA 70 electrical safety program as per ACCORD/Alliance/NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE)
  • Re-assessment of electrical layout design for remaining load supervision.
  • Assessment of each electrical wire size according to the capacity of the circuit breaker as per BNBC/NTPA & Accord/Alliance/NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE)
  • Assessment or re-assessment of the electrical load management scheme according to load capacity.
  • Fixing & arrangement of clear marking for all distribution board as BNBC, ACCORD, Alliance, NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE) standard.
  • Entire suggestion of how to keep/maintain the documents of all safety programs.
  • Provide the report and suggestions for the optimized solution for each NC of CAP (for electrical system condition, electrical maintenance, electrical system information, and electrical lighting system) provided by Accord/Alliance/ILO.
  • A thorough visual inspection of the entire electrical system to identify circuit components, visual defects, visual circuit inconsistency and deviation from design, damaged component, a sign of overheat, and a sign of any other potential problems.


electrical-fire-safety VERITAS Engineering Consultant

Electrical Safety Deliverable:

  • Complete SLD, ELD for all DBs, MDBs, LT, and Substation, etc.
  • Design of Lightning Protection System (LPS).
  • Insulation & Earth Test Report
  • Thermography Scanning Test.
  • List of non-compliance issue with an optimized solution in brief.
  • All maintenance documents.