Designing a lightning protection system (LPS) design & Installation in Bangladesh is way from easy. The necessities vary from building to assembling and protection system choices are many. you have got to shield not solely the structure however also your electrical/electronic installations through separate systems.

The protection system will vary from an easy lightning rod to a posh mesh called a chemist cage. Whereas the building protection system can effectively conduct. The lightning protection system (LPS) design & Installation charge to earth, a part locality of the charge can arise.

Hurt electrical installations unless these are protected through surge protection devices. During a giant institution, the wants will get quite complicated.

lightning protection system (LPS) design & Installation in Bangladesh

Current British normal for lightning protection systems is BS nut 62305 – 2006. Intimate with engineers at Lightning Strike will style systems. That meet protection necessities for your specific facility. It also fits British and European standards but complicated these are.


Lightning discharges contain amazing amounts of electricity. it’s been measured from many thousand amps to over 200,000 amps – enough to lightweight half 1,000,000 one hundred watt bulbs! Although a lightning discharge is of a terribly short period it’s an awfully real reason for harm and destruction.

The perform of an external lightning protection system is to intercept, conduct and disperse a lightning strike safely to earth. while not such a building’s structure, electronic systems and also the people operating around or inside it are all in danger.

Our many years of expertise within the style and putting in lightning protection system (LPS) design & Installation. Grounding Systems enable us to deliver the most effective quality installations. With outstanding client service at the best price.

Features of The Service:

  • Free Risk Assessment
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive costs
  • Compliance with applicable rules
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We will give an in-depth report on the wants for safeguarding your specific building and electrical installations against lightning. So you may be ready to perceive the importance of the look we submit. The report will cowl the safe work ways we’ll use to implement the design. Considering also our low costs, you’re unlikely to search out another comparable lightning protection answer.


The basic principle of the lightning protection system (LPS) design & Installation is guiding this generated by the lightning strike safely to earth. Preventing any incidental overvoltages from touching the electrical installations. The system aspect can vary counting on the extent and quality of the power being protected.

An easy lightning rod may be enough for a typical residence. Whereas an elaborate meshed system called a Faraday cage is needed to safeguard exposed structures containing. Say various pc systems touch several rooms.

While the structure is protected as on top of it, the electrical installations themselves aren’t absolutely protected. As a result of a part of the present from the lightning strike will rise back from the earthling network. It has an effect on the installations within the building.

The induced current may cause overvoltages and injury electrical/electronic excuse. A secondary protection system that features surge protection devices is required to protect these installations against injury.

Experienced engineers of Lightning Strike will assess. The risks for your explicit facility and style a lightning protection system (LPS) design & Installation system. That will provide complete protection. We will conjointly review the adequacy of an existing system and recommend any changes required to supply full protection.

An electrical protection system includes an overhead structure to hold the current of electricity. The conductors to guide it safely off from sensitive devices to earth. The planet leads that ground the present and also the links from all gold structures in your building.

Lightning Strike will install a whole protection system in an exceeding manner. That blends in with the structure and its decoration while not being an ugliness.

Lightning Protection Accessories

With the best line of elements, we provide complete protection from lightning harm for all structures. From homes to hospitals, colleges to the commercial unit, high rises to dangerous facilities.

From air terminals to earthling systems, conductors to surge protection devices. Our Total answer stands foremost within the marketplace for creating smart. This promise to guard life, the structure, and electronic systems.

lighting protection system designBy far the most significant and most vital part of any structural lightning protection system (LPS), design & Installation, or grounding system is that the particular conductor. The choice of the right conductor kind for the installation is very necessary.

Probably going to be the initial thought of lightning protection or earthing system designer. A comprehensive vary of copper and aluminum conductors is out. There in every of the most world normal formats, i.e. flat tape, solid circular and stranded.

Also, every format is offered during a sort of conductor size, to fulfill differing lightning protection and earthling necessities. The definition can depend upon whether or not the appliance is for an above-ground structural lightning protection system in Bangladesh. It is also a below-ground dweller installation.

So, currently, you guarantee our Full LPS service method. we tend to paint Engineering restricted offer reliable and correct lightning protection system (LPS) design & Installation in Bangladesh.

One of the necessary things regarding us is that we do not solely offer the service however conjointly. We look out of our all customers in any state of affairs. Our exactitude undoubtedly brings your satisfaction.

One of the important things about us is that we not only provide the service. But also we take care of our all customers in any situation. Our precision definitely brings your satisfaction.