The solar irrigation pump system is the method of converting the available sunlight into other reusable energy. This renewable energy is widely used for agricultural production especially for irrigation in remote and arid areas.

Irrigation is a process of supplying a continuous flow of water from nearby natural water resources for yielding crops.

How does Solar water pump work?

A solar-powered pump mainly runs on their type of technology i. e photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity, and solar heating and cooling. 

The pumps which transport the water are supplied with solar cells. the cells absorb the solar energy converting the electrical energy through a generator which ultimately drives the pump. The pumping system draws the water from a nearby source such as canal, pond, Opel well, etc.

Solar irrigation pump system

As opposed to the diesel pumps the solar irrigation pump system is less efficient. They are relatively cheap as well.

Solar irrigation pumps provides maximum productivity ,is reliable and operates on direct current (DC).

Batteries are not necessary for storing electricity. In that case, the water tank or the cistern acts as a storage

contact us VECThen why use a solar-powered irrigation pump? Is it economically feasible? 

Installing diesel pumps might be the cheaper option however it completely feeds on fuel. The efficiency depends on the availability of the fuel which is expensive.

Solar pumps work the other way aROUND.The sunlight is a renewable source of energy. Although many people might be intimidated by the installation cost a future sight might give an idea about the annual costs. This system is relatively expensive but there is no operating cost and it requires very little maintenance according to the system. The sunlight is a renewable source of energy. 

Compared to earlier prices of solar pumps have significantly gone down.they have become a reliable irrigation system optimizing the energy costs for many farmers.

Solar-powered pumps are mainly used in irrigation purpose especially in remote places not having access to electricity. They can be used for drinking water also for livestock

Small solar water pumps are far more efficient than the large solar PV array.P V array sometimes unnecessarily provide excess energy. That is why solar water pumps are used mostly on a small scale.

A good solar pumping system is not only efficient, But It is also far more economical as well. Over the decades many non-profit organizations have been promoting solar pumping for clean drinking water and irrigation systems in remote villages all around the world. It is commonly used in Bangladesh and India to preserve other energy and cause a less negative impact on our environment.


How important is the solar pumping system for irrigation in Bangladesh

Being dependent mostly on agriculture, solar water pumps are the best sustainable solution in Bangladesh. The sunlight is a renewable source of energy. .They are economical, save electricity and fuel. Not to forget this eco-friendly system reduces carbon emissions thus helping the environment in a passive way.


Bangladesh is located in the tropical delta has a huge potential to meet the fuel demands with solar power in irrigation. The land here is susceptible to solar water pumps. Thus it reduces electricity usage reducing the burden on the national grid.

Bangladesh has 1.34 million diesel pumps and these consume at least 1 million tonnes of diesel worth $900 million per year. 

The average  18.5kW size solar pump has the capacity to lift 25 – 30 lac liters of water per day. It typically can irrigate 130 bighas of land.expansion of solar pumps can save millions of foreign currency.



  1. Agriculture is one of the largest employment sectors
  2. Bangladesh is a developing country and
  3. It is facing hazardous climate changes

Utilizing the natural resources will not only help save millions of dollars but also will  cause no negative impact on nature

Reasons to ditch the electric and diesel pumps and install a solar-powered system

  • Increased agricultural productivity
  • Less maintenance cost
  • The operating cost can be less than350 tk per session
  •  Foods with high-value crops
  • Ensure food security thus more income
  • Improved water for irrigation reduces the government’s fuel subsidy for the agriculture sector,
  • Reduced diesel imports
  • Reduced bills for mains electricity
  • Reliable water system
  • Emissions reductions
  • Increased crop yield
  • Rural development
  • Long durability

Designing a Solar irrigation pump system

The overall task of designing and installing is complex. combining elements of electrical work, plumbing, and heavy construction, an expert dealer is much needed.

The dealer will need to know about something to design an appropriate pumping system such as

  • How much water you require daily
  • About the source 
  • WAter components and the quality
  • How large the storage is
  • water available in gallons per minute

Solar Energy and the Environment

Unlike other energy forms, the solar system Company will not run out as long as the sun shines. Modern technologies are more concerned with renewable energy due to environmental impact and a sustainable approach. As it is already discussed it contributes no harmful waste products or pollution to the environment.

Why Choose us:

.In near future when the price of fossil fuel will rise, photovoltaic power will be the most common and competitive  system

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