Ferro And Rebar Scanning in Bangladesh

Wan test has substantial experience in using Ferro scanning equipment and translating scanned images.

Having this type of information available is essential to our clients who plan to drill, cut or core through existing concrete structures to ensure the integrity of the structure is maintained and also the safety of the operator.

By keeping up to date with the latest technology available you can be sure that our teams will have the correct equipment for the job saving you time and money when it comes to concrete scanning.

The results from the Ferro scans can usually be viewed on site using real-time technology which provides designers and engineers with the information they need when they need it.

Our Ferro scanning service can be used to for many applications.

Ferro Scanning Examples include:

– Determining the concrete cover of existing slabs, walls, columns, etc.

– Determining location and configuration of steel reinforcement

– Detailing an image of a concrete slab to avoid rebar or the electrical conduit prior to coring activities

– Identifying the location of post-tension cables

– Determining the thickness of concrete slabs

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Ferro Scanning

Rebar Scanning for all types of Column, Beam, and Slab by Hilti PS 200