Rooftop solar panels system to strengthen the solar energy of the solar cell and convert it to electricity Depending on its ability. Bangladesh is located at the right geographical location can take full advantage of the infinite resource and technology. Veritas Engineering & consultant leading integrated Solar Company in Bangladesh for home at an affordable price in 2021. 

The sun shines every day. It’s going nowhere. The sun shines every day. It’s going nowhere. Solar energy is derived from the sun’s radiation. The particles in the sunlight called photons hit the photovoltaic cells of the solar panels. Solar panels absorb the energy converting it into Direct Current.

The electricity is changed into an Alternating current through an inverter. This is the electricity used to power electrical devices at home.

The world is moving towards renewable energy to sustain life and to prevent global warming. The sun is a wonderful source of inexhaustible energy. Unfortunately, we are able to harness only a few drops of it.

Despite having many positive effects, solar energy is one of the controversial topics. Some criticize it for its expensive installation and not being effective enough. Solar panels help you save thousands of dollars. It is a great alternative to unreliable and costly electricity.

Types of solar systems

Solar panels don’t look alike. Neither they perform similarly. Before you get yourself a solar system, here are a few things to consider.

  • What is your rooftop made of
  • What is the typical climate in your location
  • How much energy is going to need
  • Does your house have access to sunlight
  • Is it a long term investment
  • Your financial options etc etc

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The three main types of solar system Company are:

1. On-grid solar system in Bangladesh –

on-grid solar system in Bangladesh or the grid-tied solar system is connected to the electrical grid, therefore, it can draw energy from both solar panels and the electrical grid. This system is the most common type. It uses a common solar inverter. The excess energy that you generate is exported to the grid for use elsewhere. Likewise, It can draw energy from the grid occasionally when needed. The only drawback is that it can not function during a blackout for safety issues. If the solar panels still generate electricity during breakout, it will be hazardous for people repairing the electricity

Benefits of the on-grid system 

  • The installation is much more cost-effective and requires very less maintenance
  • The extra electricity generated can be sold back to the grid. It can be a surplus income for households
  • Since it can pull energy from the grid, it works as a backup. You are least likely to end up in darkness.

2. Off-grid solar system –

These systems work independently hence requires a battery for preserving energy. The panels absorb energy during daylight and use the generated power at night. The batteries and inverters are much more expensive. They require special equipment to generate power throughout the year. This system is relatively costly. They provide energy in critical hours and mostly used in remote places where the electricity grid is not available.

Benefits of the off-grid system:

  • Blackouts do not affect these systems because they work independently
  • Easy Alternative for Rural Areas. ..
  • Helps you in saving electricity costs

3. Hybrid Solar System

This system is more like on-grid solar power with special hybrid inverters. You can use power from the grid when needed. The only additional feature is that during emergency power cuts the backup battery provides you power

Advantages of Hybrid solar system:

  • Allows use of stored solar energy during peak evening times
  • It is less expensive and there is no requirement for a backup generator
  • Reduces power consumption from the grid


 Feasibility of rooftops for generating power:

We build a rooftop PV system with solar panels generating electricity from sunlight.

Because of the abundant source, it has become an alternative electric power source for the green conscious.

There is also an alternative approach to generating energy and vegetation on the roof called bio solar roof.

The future needs more of green roof vegetation technology with renewable energy


Advantages of Rooftop Solar System Company in Bangladesh:

  • Combating climate change –  Fossil fuels are highly responsible for global warming. Solar energy produces no pollution or harmful effect on the environment. It reduces a substantial amount of greenhouse emission
  • Durable & reliable – Solar System is a long term investment. It lasts up to 25 years
  • Minimizes the electricity cost – No matter which of solar panels you install, it definitely brings a dramatic reduction in electricity cost.
  • Cost-effective – Solar system requires less maintenance. Once you install it,  you will notice how much money you spent on electricity all these years. 
  • Abundance – The sun will shine every day. Take full advantage of the free energy it endows us with
  • Creates employment opportunities –  When you install the solar system you automatically create a job with the local community
  • A secure investment –  It is definitely a secure investment that can help you make some surplus income. On-grid system transfer power to elsewhere  leaving you with some extra cash


Designing and installation of solar panels:

The installer might consider some facts before designing a custom solution  solar system such as

Rooftop Solar Systems in Bangladesh

  • Power consumption demand
  • Number of panels needed
  • Shop for the perfect solar system accordingly 

Customers should consider the following things before installing

  • Weigh all the pros and cons according to your situation beforehand
  • Check if your roof gets access to the sunlight
  • Track your electricity bills and discuss with the installers which fit you the best

Installing rooftop solar can be as complex as it could be. I as follows the steps

  1. Determining the direction and angle
  2. Assembling the panels
  3. Electrical wiring
  4. Connecting the panels with the solar inverter
  5. Connecting the inverter and the battery in an off-grid system
  6. Connecting the solar inverter with the grid
  7. Starting the solar inverter with solar grid

Why Choose VEC Solar Company in Bangladesh

Veritas Engineering and Consultant is a reputed engineering firm in Bangladesh. We have been handling many small and large-scale projects throughout the country over the years. We are a certified and licensed company excelling in all the innovative engineering projects. We have designed and implemented many small and large-scale Rooftop solar systems in Bangladesh with dedication. We assure power warranty and after-sales service. Veritas is one of the leading engineering consultants & Solar Company in Bangladesh. We offer custom solution solar panel design based on your specific needs and our expertise.

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