Measurement Process

This instrument makes earth resistance measurements with fall-of-potential method, which is a method to obtain earth resistance value “Rx” by applying AC constant current “I” between the measurement object “E” (earth electrode) and “H(C)” (current electrode), and finding out the potential difference “V” between “E” (earth electrode) and “S(P)” (potential electrode).


(A) Bangladesh National Building Code 2006 – Appropriate Sections

(B) Bangladesh Electricity Rules 1937 – Appropriate Sections.

(E) Alliance Fire Safety Standard – Appropriate Sections

(D) NFPA 70 – Appropriate Sections

Instrument Name : Digital Earth Tester
Brand Name       : Uni-T
Model      : UT 521
Serial No : C150456564

Note: Earth Resistance should be less than or equals 1 (shall not exceed 1). For Lightning Protection Earth Resistance Should be less than or equal 10Ω.

We are successfully completed a large number (750+ ACCORD, ALLIANCE & DIFE) of earth resistance measurements in RMG Factories.