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electrical safety assessment audit firm in Bangladesh VEC has successfully completed a large number of Electrical Audit (more then 635 RMG-Factories ) as the best .

Electrical Audit firm in Bangladesh

During this part of Assessment programmed to check the documents in the presence of factory Engineer/representative to check the update documents based on which the Electrical safety Assessment will proceed. Following key documents shall be reviewed:


Electrical Safety Assessment Electrical Safety Assessment

  • Review of different type of electrical drawings such as Single Line Diagram (SLD), Electrical layout, List & circuit diagram of Distribution boards
  • Review of record & schedule of periodical inspection of electrical equipment
  • Lightning protection system analysis by checking lightning index calculation and design review
  • Checking test results of earth pit resistance and cable insulation measurement
  • Electrical Audit and Safety Assessment Photographic Surveillance:


During this part of the Electrical Audit & Safety Assessment, auditors travel every corner of the factory and take sufficient photos of all electrical equipment such as the transformer, generator, all distribution boards, and other electrical equipment.

Following key points (Given as a Sample) are highlighted during this session:

  • If a bunch of cables is connected at circuit breaker terminal
  • If any splicing joints of cables without using proper connector or proper soldering
  • Any burning sign on electrical equipment
  • Any combustible material near electrical equipment
  • Any electrical equipment without adequate ear-thing
  • Any water source near electrical equipment

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Figure: Electrical Photographic Observation

  • Live Load Measurement:

During this part of Assessment, auditor takes a measurement of some electrical parameters (voltage, current) during on load condition to perform DB schedule analysis with duly calibrated tools as sample basis*. After completing the DB schedule the following kind of observations can be derived:

  • Inadequate cable size with respect to the circuit breaker
  • Electrical load without any protective device
  • The inadequate neutral conductor with respect to the phase conductor
  • Power circuits and light circuits under the same protective device

Electrical Audit & Safety Assessment Thermo-graphic analysis:

During visual Assessment, we cannot identify the hot points of an electrical system by which electrical hazard can occur any time. To identify these hot points we have another step which is called Thermography.

The company perform thermo-graphic analysis on electrical equipment (Transformer, Generator, LT, PFI, COS, MDB, DB, SDB, etc.) with duly calibrated tools as sample basis1 and also make a thermal analysis to identify the root cause of hot point.

Electrical Safety Assessment

Figure: Thermography of Electrical Equipment

  • Off-Load Measurement:

To take this measurement we need to shut down full power system of the factory. During the session following jobs are performed by the company with duly calibrated tools as sample basis*:

  • Review earth resistance measurement
  • Review insulation resistance measurement of power cable
  • Finding root causes of hot points as found during thermo-graphic analysis

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