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Building Design in Bangladesh

Building Design in Bangladesh

Your home is a lifetime resident. As you are today, your family will not be as many as you are tomorrow. Will change So Building Design in Bangladesh with Future in mind. Today, your toddler may want to have a separate computer room or a chat room tomorrow. The bedroom and bathroom are just for us. But the house also needs a storeroom. Make a home every year or once in life?

As you build a home, think about the budget. Keep more money than what comes as usual. It takes a while to identify who or what company to do the Building design with, check and fix it. Check if the designer is what you are looking for or copy the design of another car.

Steps to Building Design at a home

Accommodation is our third primary demand. Everyone who has ancestral land or a piece of land wants to build a beautiful home there. The land is the highest price in Dhaka, Bangladesh after Tokyo on earth. But for our Bengali typical nature, there is no help from the professionals when we are building a house. The thought of every landlord being a halal engineer knows nothing more than I know. Knowing this much later, after making a house, there are various utility issues, modifications, vandalism, rigging. As a result, the house lost its beauty and was taken aback. .So let’s see, what are the steps for building a home?

  • General Chat Chat Lounge Think about finance first. That is, make sure where the money comes from. This requires preliminary estimation. Go to an experienced civil engineer for this. 
  • Planning. Do the whole house at once or do two floors and then do the remaining four floors. How many garage car parking will you keep? The occupancy of the house will be residential or school, whether to keep the elevator, generator, sub-station provision, what kind of buildings can be built in the future, whether there will be a garden on the roof and so on. 
  • Plan home with a good architect. Remember that no matter how small the land is, it is worthless. A good architect can solve all problems. It can ensure the proper use of a piece of property. You can also get a furniture plan and interior decoration plan with the architect. 
  • When the plan is passed, you will do the Soil Test. Do not rush to the pilings. Talk to an experienced civil engineer about a good test report. 
  • Go to an experienced civil engineer for the structural design of the building. Everyone is more worried about the earthquake. It can be designed for structural seismic loads. 
  • Do plumbing and electrical design by an experienced engineer. Remember, after building a home, the main problems are plumbing and electric warping. As a result, vandalism is occurring, or an annoyance is happening every day. This is very important in Building Design.
  • Make a Detail Bill of Quantity or B&Q. And compare that to your earlier estimate. If the cost increases, you can reduce the cost by making some changes to the design or plan.
  • Put a civil engineer on full-time or part-time supervision, not just relying on the contractor in the construction. 

Logistic operations The logistic operations in this country do not comply with the system. If you do not have proper planning and design for building a house, then you will face various difficulties. Therefore, you will talk to the appropriate professionals to help you with building the house. The remuneration that they have to pay can be 1 to 2% of your total expenditure.    

The Design of a Three Room Building      

A nice three-room house for the lower middle class and a nice garden in front of the house. The size of this house is 1332 square feet or 3 percent (decimal). Details of the Design and estimated construction cost of this house are given below.  

 The land is calculated below for the design of the three-room house.

In the following plan, a three-room house design requires only 5.22 percent (decimal) or 2288 square feet of land. The length of the land here is 52 ‘feet, and the width is 48′ feet. 5.25 percent of the land has been left 3 to 5 “from the right side of the house and 4” to 4 “from the left side of the house for gardening. Also, the rear side and front side of the house were trimmed to 4′-2 ” and 14′-2’, respectively. Then the area of the main house excluding the garden area is = 1332 sq ft. Three percent of the original land for a three-room home is 3 percent (decimal). 

A detailed description of the three-room home design

  • Bed Room = 3
  • Master Bed Room = 1
  • Living Room = 1
  • Dining Room = 1
  • Bath Room = 2 
  • Parking = 1 car can be kept.

On average, there are about 4 feet of space around the house-a garden where flowers can be planted.

Some Basic Tips For Building Design in Bangladesh


9 feet by 10 feet, Location: Where the highest natural gift can be found. That is enough light air. The south wind blows on the balcony. However, a bedroom is usually provided on the corner of a building. The distance from one bedroom to another bedroom will be such that complete privacy is maintained. That is, the avant-garde view from one room to another will not be easily visible. 

Guest Room:

Eight feet by nine feet, Location: Near the stairs. This is the perfect location for a guest room. 

Dining :

Eight feet by ten feet, Location: It is best if the kitchen is next to the house. 

Bathroom + Toilet: 

Six feet by four feet. Location: If there is a common bathroom, it is easy for everyone to use. Must use an exhaust fan in the toilet. This will eliminate the odor of the toilet through air ventilation as well as keep your toilet floor dry. you can design your bathroom with epoxy resin flooring. 


Eight feet by seven feet, Location: When cooking in the kitchen, cooking gas or smoke should not enter another room. To keep the kitchen atmosphere fresh, an exhaust fan should also be used in the kitchen.

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