Soil tests for the construction of buildings or any structure are the primary step. In construction getting to understand the quality of the soil for projected construction work. Are you searching for the best Soil test companies in Bangladesh? Then you’re in the right place.

We are experienced in the Soil check Engineering company primarily based in Bangladesh. Soil testing takes place in the 1st stage of building a brand new house. Where a series of soil samples are taken from your land. The profile of every home site varies from place to position.

The standard of the soil on your site plays a key role in your construction comes. As a result, you would like to spot the characteristics of the soil to see its ability to support your structure. If soil isn’t checked properly. Then the complete building or structure may be broken at any time.
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So it’s required to possess a soil report, even before your house plans are selected. We are the noted Soil test companies in Dhaka. Also trusty soil test company in Chittagong. We’ve wonderful quality soil bearing capability.

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What kind of soil is good for a foundation for buildings or houses?

In each city and also the rural area. The choice of sites with the most effective soil is very important. Engineering decision within the building method. Whether you live in a house, condo, or flat, your house is connected to the soil.

Your college, the building where you’re employed. The stores you look in all of them are built on soil, and infrequently with it. Building foundations got to get on stable and powerful soils. Soils range in strength.

Some soils are ready to support a building. While different soils aren’t ready to support the load of a person’s. If the soil under a building isn’t stable, the foundation of the building may crack, sink, or worse the building may fall!

The strength and stability of the soil depend upon its physical properties. Soil with a smart structure is a lot of stables. Clay textures are usually a lot of stables. Then sand textures as a result they have a higher structure.

However, a mixture of particle sizes (and pore sizes) is best for engineering. It’s also necessary that soil is stable through wetting and drying cycles.

Good soil should even have the flexibility to capture precipitation. Runoff and erosion don’t damage structures. Finally, smart soils for infrastructure have balanced chemistry so no artifact corrosion happens.

Soil test companies in Bangladesh for road construction

Generally, when it comes to construction on the ground. The road should be examined to understand. The nature of the ground on which it is about to be built. The preliminary tests for road and highway construction are briefly mentioned.

soil test company in DhakaCommon tests are:

  • Soil classification,
  • Particle size distribution,
  • Moisture content determination,
  • Specific gravity,
  • Liquid limit and plastic limit test.
  • Moisture content
  • particle size and specific gravity tests.

Moisture Content

In most soil tests natural moisture content of the soil is to be determined. The information on the natural moisture content is important altogether studies of soil mechanics.

To sight a number of, the natural moisture content is employed in determinant. The bearing capability and settlement.  The natural moisture content can provide a plan of the state of soil within the field.

The specific gravity of soil

The knowledge of specific gravity is needed in the calculation of soil properties. Like void ratio, degree of saturation, etc. It is the ratio of the weight of soil in the air of a given volume.

At a regular temperature to the load in the air of an equal volume of distilled. Also water at the same stated temperature.

Particle Size Distribution

Particle size distribution, also known as gradation. Refers to the proportions by dry mass of a soil distributed over nominative particle-size ranges. Gradation is used to classify soils for engineering and agricultural purposes. Since particle size influences how fast or slow water or other fluid moves through the soil.

Proctor check

This soil compaction test is additionally known as. Proctor check is employed for the determination of the mass of dry soil per cubic meter. Once the soil is compacted over a spread of moisture contents.

Giving the driest density at optimum moisture content. So this check provides the compaction characteristics of various Soil test companies in Bangladesh with a modification in moisture content. This is often achieved by compaction of soil by reducing the air voids.

The degree is measured in terms of its dryness and density of soils. The dry density is most at the optimum water content.

Why choose us?

  • Determine the quality of the soil and assess whether or not it will accommodate your construction project
  • Identify the various kinds of soil on your site and their location
  • Test your soil for strength, densities, compaction test, impurity, vital and sand content, and assess. Their impact on your construction project
  • Gain information the info you would like to compile technical and safety data reports supporting designing permissions and license applications
  • Get precise results and observe the event of the soil throughout your construction project for max quality and safety

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