With enough financial support, anyone can open up an Electrical engineering company in Bangladesh. But there are very few companies that can ensure to provide a quality service. Well, here at VERITAS Engineering & Consultant, we can proudly say that we are among those very few companies.

VEC (VERITAS Engineering & Consultant) is a firm that does their background check on all their employees to ensure quality over anything else. Our qualified engineering team provides a greater service than just fulfilling your needs. 

Ensuring the utmost safety

Ensuring safety and mitigating any loss of natural resources are our topmost priority. We design everything in such a way that reduces any type of risks that you might face. No matter what type of area you are building, safety should always be at the top of the priority list. We have seen many deadly disasters occur in recent times, just because of the engineering flaws of that construction. There are many small adjustments that engineering companies make to save some costs here and there. But what they do not realize is the fact that this small saving can end up being quite costly in the long run. We also suggest the necessary tweaks to maintain safety for a long time. 

While most companies are focused on saving costs, we focus on saving lives and the construction site itself. 

Saving our natural resources

We differentiate ourselves from other engineering companies by making subtle changes and adjustments to protect the natural resources of our country. Wasting natural resources not only hampers the development of our country but also can cost you a lot of money at the end of each month. Many companies face problems with excessive bills. They often think that their workers are not using the machines properly or wasting away their resources. While in truth, the problem may not be the workers but the core structure of the building itself. 

Our team will develop a plan and provide any consultancy you will need over the years.   

Providing a top-notch service

The most common issue with any Electrical engineering company in Bangladesh is on-time delivery. One thing that VEC (VERITAS Engineering & Consultant) can make sure of is that you get everything on time and get to work as soon as possible.

Here at VEC (VERITAS Engineering & Consultant), we have a group of talented and hardworking people who will go the extra mile to complete the projects in time. But do not misjudge our punctuality and think that you will not a quality service from us. Compromising on quality is the last we do. 

VEC (VERITAS Engineering & Consultant) handpicks all of their employees. Our employees are both qualified and experienced. We do not select anyone who we might need to cut off shortly. Replacing old employees with new ones is a common practice among companies but not us. Constantly replacing old and experienced employees with new and inexperienced employees is not our motto. Such actions disable the team to work cohesively and provide a quality service.

Best electrical installation company in Bangladesh

VEC is an electrical installation company. We take pride in our services. Our company operates in a way that will ensure you the utmost safety, proper utilization of natural resources, and on-time delivery.

The employees of VEC work tirelessly to maintain these three qualities all while delivering a quality service. We believe in building a better future for our future generation by saving as many natural resources as possible, and by building the safest constructions out there.